About Us

Our mission

  • To deliver effective merchandising services that ensure our clients build market share and receive proactive, transparent customer service at all times.
  • To provide professional representation of our clients’ brand and products in retail outlets, so that they appeal to shoppers, and make the merchandising process efficient and highly effective for all.

Our purpose

At FIT Merchandising we make your brand and products truly shine in retail stores. We are one of the most experienced retail sales and merchandising businesses in Australia, having been in this business since 2008.

We started out in the hardware sector, have expanded into independent retailers, and are now moving into the liquor, grocery and pharmacy sectors.

Our values

At FIT we live by our values. These are taught to all of our staff when they join, and influence the way we conduct our business and work for our clients.


We work closely with you to understand your products’ features and benefits in depth, so that our in-store team are confident, and can educate retail staff and provide in-aisle training and demos to customers.


We give our clients full visibility on the work our staff do in real time. In-store live videos, reporting and GPS tracking demonstrate what our staff are up to and how they are showcasing your products to the market.


We believe in working collaboratively with our clients at all times. Our staff become part of your team, representing you in the field. Proactive communication and teamwork is essential for all and to achieve success.


As a long-standing, and authentic business we live by honesty and trust. We won’t under-quote to win your business, we will maintain call compliancy, and we’ll always ensure our clients are kept in the loop.

Your team on the ground

It’s safe to say we understand what you need for your products to stand out and sell. Product knowledge and honest hard work is at the core of what we do.

Merchandising Business

Meet the fantastic people at the heart of our business, who are the eyes, ears and product champions for our clients.


Our staff are highly trained in our clients’ products, along with all aspects of ranging and planogram management.

ANZ Coverage and real-time reporting

We genuinely offer our clients national coverage across Australia and New Zealand. We work across 1200 independent stores and 330 Bunnings stores in Australia, and 40 stores in New Zealand. We also have a solid presence in remote regions of Australia.

FBA dashboard

Clients and team members have access to progress reports, key metrics and sales forecasts. This means you're kept informed and are always up to date, so you can take action quickly as needed, to ensure all parties can continue to deliver and achieve your goals.

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