Your Retail Merchandising Services Covered

In essence, our team becomes your team. They look after every aspect of in-store merchandising for you, so that your products shine

Services we take care of for you

We help manufacturers, importers and distributors with a range of services, including:

  • Inventory management
  • Planogram management
  • Scan-based trading management
  • Stock replenishment
  • In-store displays: brand ambassadors and demo staff
  • Promotional consultation and strategies
  • Storage and warehousing solutions
  • In-store refits and assemblies

We understand your needs

Our Merchandising Team understands the value of product positioning in retail stores. This means ensuring your product placement meets brand guidelines; your shelves are fully stocked and set to planogram, your shelf placement is correct, and your pricing is accurate.

  • We take control of your shelf presence to ensure your products don’t lose space to competitors, and always look good on the shelves.
  • We work hard to get your products into the best locations in store… like premium side stacks, end of aisle displays and other premium off-location positions.
  • We manage stock levels with integrity –by ensuring stock on hand is accurate, and is not languishing out the back when there’s space on the shelves.
  • You’re kept informed of our work through our tracking and reporting systems.
Merchandising Services

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