In-store Setup

Our highly-experienced tactical and assembly teams work closely with retailers to ensure that your displays are installed correctly and efficiently, every time

Our tactical and assembly capabilities

We have been providing instore tactical and assembly solutions since we commenced in April 2008.

Understanding the deeper strategies and tactics of retail merchandising, and having the experience and skills to execute effectively is highly valued by our clients, and is one of the reasons we have also been engaged directly at times by Bunnings and other retailers.

In Australia and New Zealand our teams are skilled in providing instore setup services including:

  • Providing refits and relays
  • Building “Off Location” and Promo drops
  • Setting up demonstrations
  • Tasks requiring scissor lift & wave licensing.
  • Trade expo bump in and bump out & stand set up
  • Construction of displays, stands, racking.
  • Implementation of Planograms

Our tactical and assembly teams are Dexion trained, can operate scissor lifts, are wave licensed and trained in working at heights.

in-store setup store merchandising displays

Close working relationship

We develop an implementation plan with you for your tactical project that considers the challenges of organisational change and sets benchmarks for success.

We assign a dedicated Project Manager who communicates with you at every step, and ensures that your project runs smoothly, to plan, and on time.

in-store setup
in-store setup
in-store setup

Our assembly team commitment

  • To execute all assembly and refit work on time and to expectation
  • To follow our proven operational procedures and quality control processes from commencement to sign off
  • To deliver to professional in store standards
  • To provide fast responses to questions and task requests
  • To provide weekly overviews to key stakeholders outlining progress of all projects
  • To deliver a detailed wrap report and feedback when projects are completed, including a detailed survey of scope of works with images
  • Post project – a full assessment of project delivery and outcomes, with recommendations for changes if required, to ensure we continue to exceed expectations and stay focused on our commitment to continuous improvement.

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