Client Reporting

Our reporting systems give you full transparency over everything so you can make informed decisions on the fly

We’ve been told a few times that our comprehensive real time and historical reporting commitment is highly valued and really sets us apart.

What you can expect

We use multiple reporting platforms to keep you informed.

  1. A CRM System
  2. Product Analytics

1. Robust CRM system

"Opmetrix is a robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that enables wholesalers and retailers to centralise customer data, track interactions and gain a holistic view of their customer base."

Dale Keating, Fit Merchandising CEO

We use the Opmetrix advanced suite of applications for workflow automation and process automation.

Being able to connect and collaborate seamlessly with suppliers, distributors and other partners fosters efficient supply chain management, improves order fulfilment, and enhances overall business agility.

The FIT team has worked closely with the Opmetrix Team to develop new features to provide unique features for our clients which provide benefit such as:

  • Streamlining processes via the order management, inventory tracking and customer service tools, which reduces time and errors.
  • Instant notification of time critical issues sent to customers and retailers
  • Creation of image galleries on the live dashboard or reports to provide a bird’s eye view into each retail outlet
  • Special tasks communicated by store, with compliance and completion tracked
  • Communication of reports to our clients and the retailers at times which best suit individual needs
merchandise report
merchandise report

2. Powerful Product Analytics Dashboard

Our data analytics and GPS tracking tools feed directly from our field tablets into our bespoke Microsoft BI platform to provide everyone with full visibility of real time and historical data.  What you’ll see is:

  • Weekly snapshot of KPIs such as call compliance, objective completion, and sales by category, outlet and SKU.
  • Data portal enables collaboration of our reporting data for your SOH, Sales, GMROI, sell rates, and more
  • Business insights with historical and exportable data files
  • Advanced analytics and reporting tools to provide data insights for identifying trends, optimising strategies and making informed decisions.

The Data Analytics dashboard gives your business a competitive edge in the market, to ultimately drive greater success and growth and assists in optimising pricing and revenue strategies by providing insights into the behaviours and preferences of retail customers.

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