Maximising Sales Through Strategic Product Placement

Product Placement for Australian Businesses

For product manufacturers and sellers, the competition for sales is fierce in today’s retail landscape, which is why strategic product placement is crucial for success. Discover more about the benefits of product placement and just why it’s so important for achieving sales targets.

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Win Over the Modern Shopper: How to Enhance the In-store Shopping Experience

In-store Shopping Experience

This article explores the challenges and opportunities faced by physical retailers and store managers in the digital age. Discover how the surge in online shopping has changed consumer expectations. Learn vital strategies for creating compelling, memorable in-store shopping experiences that leverage the sensory advantages of physical stores and the latest technological innovations.

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Beyond the Barcode: The Impact of Automation in Retail

retail automation by Fit Merchandising Australia

Multiple transformations have occurred in the retail industry in recent years. Pandemic lockdowns led to rapid digital growth and a rise in omnichannel engagement methods. Automation in retail has enjoyed a surge in popularity during this time and is the next big thing in retail’s digital evolution. This article dives deeper into retail automation, its benefits, implementation and also the challenges associated with this evolving technology.

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What Does a Brand Ambassador Do?

what does a brand ambassador do

Brand ambassadors are in charge of merchandising and representing your products, but they are so much more than that. So, what does a brand ambassador do? Read on to discover more about what it means to be a brand ambassador and how our “Aisle Angels” take the role to a whole other level of expertise.

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The Role of Product Merchandising in Enhancing Customer Experience

Product merchandising

As a wholesaler, marketing professional or brand owner, it’s important to understand just how vital effective merchandising actually is. Let’s dig deeper into the subject of retail merchandising, to understand why it’s so important and how Fit Merchandising can help you by creating eye-catching product displays to increase sales and improve the customer experience.

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5 Essential Tips in Knowing Your Numbers in Business

knowing your numbers in a merchandising business

I’ll be the first to admit that there have been times when I’ve stuck my head in the sand and avoided looking at my bottom line. But pretending the problem isn’t there doesn’t change a thing. If anything, it just keeps getting bigger. In the video below, I talk about the power in knowing your…

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Building Trust and Collaboration in Retailer and Supplier Relationships

retailer and supplier relationship

Navigating the retail space in Australia can be incredibly complex, and it’s no secret that a retailer and supplier relationship plays a crucial role in the supply chain. Wholesalers act as facilitators, ensuring the seamless flow of goods from manufacturers to retailers, who, in turn, bring the final products to consumers. The importance of fostering…

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Cracking the Code: The Science of Predicting Consumer Behaviour

Predicting consumer behaviour

Predicting consumer behaviour ranks among the top challenges our clients bring to us. It’s hardly surprising, given the ever-changing marketplace influenced by evolving preferences, emerging technologies and dynamic socio-economic landscapes. In this article, we dive into the science of predicting consumer behaviour, giving businesses the insights they need to confidently navigate the modern marketplace. Why…

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