Brand Ambassadors

Customer interactions with your products are without doubt the best way to get your product to shine and increase sales in retail stores

Your brand becomes our brand. Our team of highly trained brand ambassadors, known as Aisle Angels represent your brand in retail stores as experts; fully trained in all the features and benefits of your products. Our Aisle Angels can educate consumers, answer questions and demystify any technical or practical challenges.

We create dedicated experiential displays giving customers the chance to experience your products first hand. These are located in premium retail positions, to create maximum impact and provide huge cut through in a crowded market.

brand ambassadors

Our Aisle Angels set up this dedicated display for RELN, showing shoppers how to make a worm farm.

brand ambassadors

An Aisle Angel helping a customer to understand the benefits of Henkel’s Loctite adhesives.

brand ambassadors

An eyecatching display showcasing Wagner spraying products and allowing customers to interact and learn.

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