Rigorous Team Training

Our team is our most valuable asset, and keeping them trained, empowered and relevant, ensures that they deliver the best possible service to our clients

Working closely with our clients to provide extensive product training is crucial, so that our team can happily and efficiently represent your brand and products in the field. Inhouse we invest in staff development programs, and provide a supportive and enjoyable team culture that fosters loyalty and minimal turnover.

Getting to know you and your products

One of our key goals is to ensure FIT team members are as knowledgeable in the features and benefits of your products as you are.

We provide all our employees with regular training in client products, merchandising, business systems, and sales demonstration techniques.

When we represent you in the retail environment, we effectively act as your brand ambassadors.  We arrange extensive training with you, so we can answer retailers’ and customers' questions and demonstrate exactly how your products work for the consumer.

Product training in action

Here’s a cross-section of the many product training sessions our team have been through.

Wagner offers a range of power painting and application products for use with the smallest home painting project, to the largest commercial and industrial production requirements.

Learning the art of spray painting for Wagner
Our team inside the Wagner spray booth

“The quality of their Merchandising team represents our brand very well…Their employees are dedicated & have pride in the brands they represent, thus contributing to the success of Wagner business in Bunnings.”

Michael Kinneavy, Key Account Manager Consumer
Wagner Spraytech Australia Pty Ltd

Drizoro has a wide range of high-performance products used for waterproofing and protection of concrete and masonry.

Our team at the Drizoro training session in the Gold Coast

Henkel is one of the leading solutions providers for adhesives, sealants and functional coatings worldwide.

Our sales and merchandising team learning about Henkel products
Our General Manager, Julie, training the FIT Merchandising team on all aspects of Henkel products

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