Retail Merchandising

Your products displayed and managed professionally to maximise brand awareness and sales

Our Merchandising Specialists understand the power of optimising your presence in the retail space.  We take care to keep your product displays looking exceptional, because if a shelf is untidy or a product is out of stock, the customer will inevitably walk away or look elsewhere. 

We make sure your products are displayed as they should be - forward facing, neat and appealing. Your stockholding storage and replenishment is taken care of according to planogram requirements,  and your prices (and any promotional activities) are accurate.

“Our experienced merchandisers are skilled in following planograms, ensuring that your products are displayed in the most attractive and organised manner, maximising appeal to customers and increasing the likelihood of purchase.”

Dale Keating, Fit Merchandising CEO

Retail Merchandising

Keeping retail displays and shelves well stocked and presented at all times is key to a successful retail business.  Our merchandising services include:

  • Visual merchandising – sustaining maximum visual appeal and keeping space clean, tidy and products face up.
  • Arranging POS materials, signage and promotions 
  • Compliance with planograms so your products gain maximum visibility for customers
  • Creation of End Cap displays and other premium positions
  • Replenishment of products and stock management – ensuring plenty of stock on hand
  • On-shelf availability monitored
  • In-store audits 
  • Real-time reporting

Let’s work together to increase your sales in retail stores.

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