How to Turn Sales Professionals into Sales Superstars

Turn Sales Professionals into Sales Superstars Australia

Sales play a major role in many industries and this is especially true in a retail environment. Having sales professionals is not always enough though. You want the best of the best. What you need are sales superstars! Discover our guide to turn sales professionals into sales superstars.

This article delves into what makes a great salesperson, the qualities they possess and how to recruit just the right people to sell your products, whether you’re a retailer, wholesaler or product manufacturer. Sales is a highly competitive environment, so you’ll need to cultivate a team that excels to stay ahead of the competition.

Turn sales professionals into sales superstars

1. Customer focus is vital

A salesperson who is a true professional and expert at their craft will possess a strong customer focus. They’ll be able to read people, determine their needs, find solutions to their problems in rapid time and prepare to confidently and honestly answer any questions the customer may have. This is an essential part of the sales position.

2. Strong communication skills are essential

To become a true sales superstar, the ability to be able to communicate effectively with all different types of customers is imperative. Communication isn’t all about knowing exactly what to say and when to say it either. It also involves the ability to actively listen, really listen. Many people listen in preparation to give a reply, but true listening means focusing full attention on what the customer is saying or asking. Being able to articulate ideas quickly and negotiate effectively also comes under the umbrella of good communication skills.

3. Sales superstars are results oriented

You’ll want to recruit people who have a proven track record already in sales. You can work with them to further enhance their sales ability and transform them into the superstars you’re looking for, the ones that set goals and achieve results. If a salesperson is not results orientated with sales and merchandising, they won’t care about trying to achieve sales targets or improve their craft. They’ll simply turn up for work to collect the paycheck. Only hire team members driven by results and who take pride in realising their sales and merchandising goals.

4. Team players are more effective than prima donnas

If you need a team of salespeople, then they will all need to be working together for the good of the team and the business, not just in it for themselves. If everyone works collaboratively and helps one another out, it benefits the entire team. Individuals who are team players are also easy to work with and the sales environment will become fun, sharing information, ideas and everyone’s success. No team member should be an island.

5. Emotional intelligence builds trust

Emotional intelligence allows salespeople to connect with customers on a personal level and read the mood. It leads to a deeper understanding of the customer’s needs, and determining the best solution for those needs or to solve a problem. It also goes a long way towards building all important trust and rapport with customers. If they trust the seller, they’ll buy from the seller.

6. Thorough product knowledge is essential

To become a sales superstar, a salesperson needs to know everything about the product they are promoting. Intimate product knowledge means they can answer every question and, if required, can demonstrate the product correctly, and articulate the benefits. If the product is a technical one, having the ability to explain these technicalities in layman’s terms is essential. A real superstar knows everything about the competitors’ products as well, and can confidently point out the pros and cons if required.

Knowing how to merchandise a particular product effectively is also a key skill when it comes to retail product sales. Setting up eye-catching displays that present the product range neatly and attractively is an integral part of the sales process.

7. Strategic thinkers are good planners

It’s crucial for a salesperson to be able to think strategically. It gives them the ability to be able to recognise opportunities, prioritise their objectives, and develop and implement sales plans. Strategic thinkers will also track and analyse their performance. Sales people can take into consideration the customer’s entire lifecycle with the brand and encourage new purchases and solve new needs.

8. Adaptability and flexibility provide an edge

A great salesperson knows how to quickly adapt to any situation and be flexible. No two customers are the same, so true sales superstars will be able to adapt to different personalities, moods and requirements in rapid time and truly understand every single customer. There are also other considerations, such as customer feedback, market changes and new market trends and expectations.

How to get sales superstars to represent your products

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