What Does a Brand Ambassador Do?

what does a brand ambassador do

Brand ambassadors are in charge of merchandising and representing your products, but they are so much more than that. So, what does a brand ambassador do? Read on to discover more about what it means to be a brand ambassador and how our “Aisle Angels” take the role to a whole other level of expertise.

Who are brand ambassadors?

Brand ambassadors are representatives of your company’s brand and products in retail outlets. These individuals are the face of your brand and provide a direct link between your products and consumers.

In today’s extremely competitive marketplace, it’s become essential to have people out in the field representing your brand in a positive light, drawing attention to your products and generating sales. Brand ambassadors embody the company’s corporate identity through words and actions.

What do brand ambassadors do?

Merchandising and creating eye-catching product displays in retail outlets are major roles of a brand ambassador, but that’s far from all they do. While general merchandising and product displays get consumer eyeballs on your offers, brand ambassadors require a comprehensive skill set to provide a holistic customer experience that will invariably lead to more sales and brand recognition.

Product knowledge: To be a true ambassador for your company’s brand, it’s essential that representatives have intimate knowledge of the products they represent. At Fit Merchandising, we ensure each and every ambassador knows your products inside and out, including features, materials, how they function and how your product will benefit the customer.

Customer engagement: Obviously, great people skills are essential for success in this role. Well-trained brand ambassadors are confident and comfortable in approaching people and striking up relevant conversations that focus attention on your products. Keeping customers engaged is another key skill a brand ambassador possesses.

Brand advocacy: To ensure your products stand out in a retail environment, you need representatives who truly believe in your brand and what it stands for. Your business and your products are promoted positively, directly to the shopping public.

Experience creation: Creating a positive and sometimes unique customer experience is what attracts attention, keeps people engaged and ultimately leads to a sale. One way to enhance the customer experience is to create a product display that’s interactive. A simple example would be allowing potential customers to try out the product, rather than merely showing them what it does.

How do "Aisle Angels" exemplify good brand ambassadorship?

At Fit Merchandising, we adopt a very unique approach to the brand ambassadorship by having our “Aisle Angels” on hand to assist customers interested in your products. This is a key way we establish a connection between the customer and your brand.

Aisle Angels are brand ambassadors who are experts. They have an in-depth knowledge of every product they represent. When combined with a real passion for your brand, customers will not only discover more about the product but will also feel excited about purchasing it.

Educating customers on your products and answering any questions with clarity and authority helps to overcome any practical or technical challenges.

With our Aisle Angels on hand in retail outlets, your products are certain to outshine your competitors and lead to a steady stream of sales.

Benefits of working with a brand ambassador agency

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We have a vigorous process for selecting the right people to represent your brand as Aisle Angels. Individuals must possess a genuine passion for your industry, and demonstrate that they have the right people skills, which means they enjoy chatting to people and being helpful.

All of our brand ambassadors undergo thorough training in all aspects of the position, including developing intimate knowledge of your products. This empowers our staff to be able to share that knowledge with customers, answer questions and more.

Of course, knowing how to create attractive product displays in retail stores to maximise the impact of your brand is an essential part of the role.

Our brand ambassadors

Fit Merchandising fully understands the importance of every aspect of effective product merchandising, promoting your brand and creating connections with customers. We work with clients all over Australia and New Zealand in over 1200 independent stores and 330 Bunnings outlets.

When you team up with Fit Merchandising, your brand becomes our brand. Contact us today and discover how we can enhance your branding and bring in more sales for your products.